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Reflective Stickers

Product Name
Reflective Warning stickers
• Reflective stickers can reflective in the dark and the night. Suitable For:Truck, Motorcycle, Cars, Tricycles, Trucks and so on.
• Reflective stickers can clearly outline the contours of the car body, helping to identify the vehicle type, size, and avoid accident happen.
• Adhesive reflective stickers and the board can combine solid, not easy to fall off.
• Reflective stickers can be an effective and convenient way to improve the visibility of your car or vehicle.
Buyer's logo and designs are acceptable
• CMYK + white, Pantone or PMS,Colors: red-white, yellow-black, green-black, green-white, blue-white, yellow-red
Printing technique
UV Digital printing, matte/glossy lamination
Reflective sheet, Vinyl,3M vinyl, PET, foil, epoxy dome, nickel, paper
• Colorful reflective (Our UV ink is transparent, after printing, it is still reflective.),Easily removable and will not damage to your paint during or after installation
• Wear-resisting, scratch resistance, impact-resistant
• High stretchable ability and ultimate in flexibility to most curved surfaces
• Resistant to water, solvents, wash ability, diesel fuel, gasoline and sunlight for long-lasting use
UV resistant for outdoor 5-8years, weatherproof, two sides vision, writable, heat-resistant, million variable code or words(QR code +variable number let your all labels have their own ID), permanent adhesive, Scratch resistant, opaque, Eco-friendly, abrasion resistant, waterproof, oil resistant, etc.
lane marking, floor marking, safety coding, hazard marking, identifying, sealing, color coding, protecting, bundling, OSHA color coding
• Reflective material helps you to be seen at dawn, dusk, or night, in all weather conditions
• Work great for work great in automotive, aerospace, military, general industrial, MRO, facilities management, transportation, marine environments
Traffic signs, electrical distribution box, lamp posts, road guide, Industrial workshop, pipes, public, traffic, Power generator, Lubrication oil bottle/drum, petrol tank, oil drum, fueling machine, Excavator, road rollers, garden tools, chemical, Construction Machinery, Car windshield, car bumper, etc.
custom shape, Circle, square, rectangle, oval, triangle, kiss cut or die cut
Artwork format
Personalized design AI, PDF, CDR at least 300 dpi
Why choose us
•100% manufacturer
•18 years Rich label stickers production experience
•American UV digital Printing Machine
•Imported UV ink from USA
•3M, Avery, Ritrama, UPM big material suppliers good cooperation
•Strict Quality Control System
•Professional Design Team
•No MOQ (special for few quantity of each and many items)
•Punctual delivery 1-3days
•Excellent and Experienced Team
These reflective materials are available as upgrade options on any stock stickers and decals, and on all custom stickers and decals. Custom reflective decals and stickers are available for pretty much every Moonstar decal or sticker product including:
• Parking stickers and decals for schools, industrial and commercial businesses, leisure industries, membership organizations, governments, airports and more
• Towing company signs, stickers and decals
• Bumper stickers
• Warning signs and security stickers
• Motorcycle decals
• Car window stickers
• Sports team decals
• Die cut stickers and other custom stickers and decals
• Racing stickers and decals
Security and Visibility
If you need added security and visibility, then custom reflective stickers and decals are a good choice. They're very useful for nighttime parking patrols, making it very easy for your parking monitor to see and read a reflective parking sticker by simply shining a flashlight onto the decal.
Reflective materials are also a benefit when visibility is for promotional purposes. For example, a reflective bumper sticker will show up much more dramatically at night in the headlights of the car behind it than a non reflective bumper sticker will. Reflective car window stickers will catch the light from passing cars and trucks streetlamps and other sources or beams of light. Any sticker or decal will be more visible when reflective materials or finishes are used.
Customizing Your Reflective Stickers and Decals
The great thing about Moonstar reflective products (available for signs, stickers and decals) is that they can be completely designed and customized to your specifications. They can be printed on backgrounds in your choice of more than a dozen colors in solids or patterns. You can order our custom reflective decals and stickers printed in various lettering styles and ink colors. You can use your own custom graphics, logos, emblems or other visual elements, including photographs and drawings. In short, when we say "custom", we mean it in the truest sense-- in other words, we will create your custom reflective stickers and decals from scratch, exactly to your specifications.Reflective Stickers

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