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buy Forklift TrucK Accessories

Center box body casted by HT250(GG25/FC250)
Product details
Casting business is a service according to the giving drawing from customers.
The Center box body is casted according to the drawing from our Japanese customers, the material is HT250(GG25/FC250). This product is produced by our automatic resin sand production line.
1 Rich experience in casting
Our company has more than 30 years of experience in casting, service customers at home and abroad. And Japanese companies more than 20 years of cooperation, and cooperation in Europe and America more than 10 years.
2 The first-class production equipment
3 The first-class testing equipment
4 The first-class talent team
5 Trusted of product quality
6 Professional service
The pursuit of the century-old enterprise goal requires the enterprise to provide more professional Forklift TrucK Accessories

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